Sunshine Coast Lightning won Suncorp Super Netball


Congratulations to the Sunshine Coast Lightning for winning the inaugural Suncorp Super Netball Championship.

The Sunshine Coast Lightning have won the first Super Netball title with a 65-48 win over the Giants in the grand final.


The Sunshine Coast Lightning is one of the many clubs who used Perana Sports’ NetballStats app during the season. Grand finalist GWS Giants and 4th placing Collingwood NC also used the app extensively.

As high end users since the inception of Suncorp Super Netball, we at the Sunshine Coast Lightning were impressed with the high level of detail NetballStats provided. Once the video analysis and tagging capabilities were matched, it really helped take our tactical analysis to the next level – something we needed to achieve our Championship win. Used with coaches, players and tacticians, we embedded it in reports, player analyses, tactical sessions, and opponent reports… the application is surging towards being a key in netball performance analysis, and we look forward to working with Perana Sports and enhancing the system even more to keep us all succeeding” said Associate Professor Anthony Bedford, Head of Performance Analysis, Sunshine Coast Lightning.

NetballStats is designed for all levels of netball. Whether you want to just keeping track of your team progress or having in-depth reports and video analysis sophisticated enough to win major championships, NetballStats can help you achieving your goals.

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