For several years now we have developed customised statistical and video analysis software solutions  for coaching staff in the volleyball and tennis arenas. Our applications have been used widely by a network of high level coaches in Australia, the USA and Europe.

Recently we launched VBStats, our much anticipated volleyball sports analysis application developed specifically for the iPad®, which is now available for download from the Apple App Store.  We are very excited about VBStats and the initial feedback from our peers and general coaching community has been extremely positive to say the least. To learn more about VBStats click here.

VideoTagger was also recently released on the market. This is a generic video editing and tagging iPad app that has a wide variety of uses across sport, performing arts or home video production.

PERANA SPORTS is constantly looking to create innovative solutions in the field of sports analysis. Working with TENNIS AUSTRALIA we have recently developed software to analysis tennis games. This has already proved to be a an effective tool on the inter-national stage.

Looking for a software application for your coaching staff?

We are currently developing customised applications for several high performance sporting organisations. If you would like to learn more about our custom applications click here or contact us here.