PERANA SPORTS is an Australian-based company that develops statistical and video analysis software a for the sports coaching industry. Used by coaches at all levels, from club to elite, our software is fast becoming renowned for its analytical power and ease-of-use.

PERANA SPORTS specialises in developing statistical and video analysis software for a variety of sports, including volleyball, tennis and cricket. We are currently working with coaches from a range of sports to develop new and innovative analysis tools. We have developed partnerships with a range of sporting bodies from club to national.

As a company we are focused on developing user-friendly analysis solutions for coaches, enabling faster and more accurate decisions. We believe that many of the current solutions are cost prohibitive, so our goal is to make our software more accessible and affordable.

Most importantly, we’re not just software developers, we’re actual sports coaches, so we understand your requirements. This understanding and perspective is leading us to create sports analysis software that sets the new benchmark in the sports industry.

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