JTA signed up for TennisStats

Perana Sports is pleased to announce our partnership with the Japan Tennis Association (JTA) as they have just signed up to licence TennisStats app.

JTA staff gathered in Melbourne just before the Australian Tennis Open with Perana Sports for a training session to help them get familiarised with the app. Perana Sports also spent time with Japanese coaches at the Australian Open to assist with the initial learning process.

JTA are hoping to utilise the app in preparation for the upcoming Davis Cup tie against Italy in Japan this weekend and we wish Japan Tennis all the best with the upcoming Davis Cup tie. May the app be with you.

TennisStats is an app written for the iPad that helps keeping stats during matches simple. The state of the art reports that are built into the app have made it an excellent tool for not only analysing your own players but also the opposition.

Tennis Australia (TA) has been using TennisStats for the last four years with great success. According to TA’s Performance Analysis Manager, Darren McMurtrie, it has changed the way TA’s coaches work.

We also would like to take this opportunity to wish Tennis Australia a successful Davis Cup tie of their own against Germany in Brisbane.