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Teams and players concept in AOC VBStats

Under the AOC VBStats hood is a very comprehensive relational database. The database is lightweight so you can store thousands of matches without any problem.

Ideally a player should only have one record in the database. This will ensure consistency and the ability to track the player's performance over the course of their career.

However a new team should be created for each season or even for each tournament. Teams can have the same name but the team codes should include season year or tournament's name so they can be differentiate. For example Falcons 2018 and Falcons 2019. Or AUS VTV14 and AUS VTV15.

When PSVB files are exported, the team and player records are included in the files hence the iPad that imports the files will also inherit these records. If the records already exist then the app will go ahead and use them rather than creating duplications. Now if you create matches on the second iPad using these teams and players and export them back to the first iPad then the we have a situation that multiple iPads sharing a common database which allows cooperative stats sharing.

Here is how a league can organise stats sharing between teams.

  • Each team create their own team and players.
  • Create a dummy match using the same team as team A and team B
  • Export the match PSVB file and send it to the league's iPad to import
  • Once every team has been imported to the league's iPad, dummy matches between the teams are created. For example for an 8 teams league 4 matches are created, A vs B, C vs D, E vs F and G vs H
  • These matches are exported to PSVB files and send to every team in the league to be imported into their iPad.
  • Now every team has the same database of teams and players as the league, every match coded can be sent to the league to be shared to all the teams.

By sharing stats like this, teams do not have to spend a lot of time scouting. Instead only the home teams have to code the match for the round whilst every team has access to all the matches played in the round. Another advantage is that the league can generate Best players report for each round accurately and easily.