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Create a match

1. Tap Matches tab to go to Matches page
2. Tap + to create a new match

Fill in the match details:

1. Team A. If you are only coding one team, this is the team to stat.
2. Team B. Can be a team without any player if you are coding one team. If you are coding 2 teams then this team must have a full roster
3. Tournament
4. Venue
5. Match date
6. Coder's name
7. Matche notes
8. Tap Done when finish

The new match is selected and shown on the Matches page

1. The newly created match
2. Tap Players button to select the players from the team rosters who actually are playing in this match. Team rosters can have as many players as you want but not all of those would be playing in a given match.
3. List of players in the match
4. Switch to team B's list if coding both teams

1. Tap + button to create a new set
2. Tap to select the set
3. Tap Formation button to set up starting line up
4. Select team to enter starting line up

The top half represent a volleyball court with the net at the top and player positions as marked.
The bottom half contains all players in the team.

1. Select a player from the bottom list
2. Tap on a position on the court to place the selected player to
3. Select a player on court and
4. Tap Setter button to indicate that the player is the setter. This is required so the app can work out the rotations during the match. The designated setter is indicated by an asterisk after the name.
5. Tap to rotate players on court clockwise
6. Place liberos in these two positions. You do not have to indicate when liberos coming in and off the court during the match
7. Tap Done when finish

1. Tap to code one team (team A). This is best when you are coding a live match
2. Tap to code both teams. Whilst it is possible to code both teams live it is advisable that you code both team from a video post match