The top half represent a volleyball court with the net at the top and player positions as marked.
The bottom half contains all players in the team.

1. Select a player from the bottom list
2. Tap on a position on the court to place the selected player to
3. Select a player on court and
4. Tap Setter button to indicate that the player is the setter. This is required so the app can work out the rotations during the match. The designated setter is indicated by an asterisk after the name.
5. Tap to rotate players on court clockwise
6. Place liberos in these two positions. You do not have to indicate when liberos coming in and off the court during the match
7. Option to have rotations referenced by the position of the starting setter rather than the current setter. Often used in when a double-sub occurs when the setter goes to the front court. Or when playing 6-2 with opposite setters switching role.
8. Tap Done when finish